• Kate Wheeler

    Kate Wheeler

    President & CEO

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  • Laura Davick

    Laura Davick

    Founder Emeritus, Volunteer and Co-Chair Heritage Legacy Project for California

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  • Dan Gee

    Dan Gee

    President, Crystal Cove Beach Cottages

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  • Sara Ludovise

    Sara Ludovise

    Director of Education

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  • Kajsa James

    Kajsa James

    Director of Development

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  • Holly Fletcher

    Holly Fletcher

    Education Manager

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  • Kaitlin Magliano

    Kaitlin Magliano

    Education Coordinator

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  • Erick Valdez

    Erick Valdez

    Education Coordinator

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  • Cindy Otto

    Cindy Otto

    Major Gifts and Events Manager

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  • Kian Maleki

    Kian Maleki

    Manager, Park Interpretive Store & Gallery

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  • Laura Morgan

    Laura Morgan

    Associate Manager, Operations & Development

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  • Deena Harros

    Deena Harros


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  • Myra Radlow

    Myra Radlow

    Grant Writer

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  • David Barba

    David Barba

    Administrative Assistant

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  • Jordan Diemert

    Jordan Diemert


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  • Chris Beiro

    Chris Beiro


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