The backbone of the beach cottages

To most visitors of Crystal Cove, it is the cottages that leave the first and most lasting impression, usually inspiring the question, “How do I rent one of these?”  A stay in one of these cottages is an experience unlike any other, as guests walk back in time and immerse themselves into the rich history of the Cove, a stunning view of the California Coastline, and a community filled with Cove lovers.

Among the Cove lovers, there are a few who continuously strive to transform the cottages into personal time capsules. Behind the scenes, they treat Crystal Cove like their home, making sure everything is working and the decor is “Covey” as can be. Meet some of the people that strive to make every stay at Crystal Cove a memorable one.

Kent and Joy Knoblock

From high school sweethearts to a husband and wife dream work team, Kent and Joy have been improving Crystal Cove ever since the cottages opened in 2006, even helping with the placement of the nostalgic decor in every cottage. Today, as the head of maintenance, Kent continues to make sure every cottage is running properly, which requires constant work and up-keep, while Joy greets every guest, making sure all their luggage fits on her golf cart.

When you work at Crystal Cove for over a decade you can create a family without even knowing it.  Joy is constantly making special connections with her guests and has the gift of recognizing familiar faces of returning guests. “I’ve met couples that have gotten engaged, come back while expecting a child, and continue to come back with their kids,” Joy says. “Now every time they come to Crystal Cove, their children all call me Aunt Joy.”

Jeff Stevenson

From maintenance to guest services, Jeff is a man of many jobs. “I truly enjoy being here because I get to know intimately every inch of every cottage and no one gets that opportunity,” says Jeff. “I also get to work directly with guests whether it be fixing something to make the rest of their stay more enjoyable or escorting them to their cottages.”

One of his favorite memories was driving a family down to Cottage #1 with their 94-year-old grandma and the first thing she said when they got to the cottage was, “Wow, my beautiful ocean.” After dropping them off, Jeff suggested they use one of the beach wheelchairs and take her out to the ocean. An hour later, while attending to another guest, he looked out to the beach to see the grandmother in a wheelchair with her grandchild on her lap, with a beaming smile he will never forget. “The genuine people I get to meet here, is a constant reminder of how much I love my job,” says Jeff.

To these three individuals Crystal Cove is more than just a job or workplace, it is a fountain of contentment, a job that provides endless memorable encounters. We are so thankful for all their hard work and for continuously putting their heart into Crystal Cove.

If you would like to stay in one of our cottages and meet these amazing people, make sure that on August 1, 2017 you reserve through the new reservation system,

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