Erin Broughton

Store Manager

Erin joined the Crystal Cove Conservancy as a volunteer in the Park Interpretive Store in 2015, and was hired as a store associate almost immediately after. Erin enjoys enlightening new visitors on the history of Crystal Cove and hearing stories about summers long past from a Coveite’s point of view.  Through giving a tidepool brochure to a child as well as offering tips on how to rent a cottage, Erin shares her love of Crystal Cove with everyone she meets.  Erin started out and continues to hold a Physical Therapy Assistant license and has a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Here at Crystal Cove she loves to run on the beach, watch the sunset and hunt for sea glass.

Erin's Cove Best:

Celebrating my 50th birthday with my family and friends at cottage #27, the Dive Shack!

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