Poetic Water

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Water plays a special role here at Crystal Cove State Park.  On Sunday, March 22, the public is invited to join CCA from 4-6 p.m. to celebrate the beauty of water at a World Water Day concert in Moro Canyon.

This special event, to be held at the Berns Environmental Study Loop, features music written and performed by long-time Laguna Beach resident and composer Pamela Madsen, who is a professor of composition, music theory, and music technology at California State University, Fullerton.  Pamela will give a preview of three upcoming compositions that were written to celebrate aspects of the Crystal Cove’s environment: “As I Ebb’d,” “Sea Longing,” and “There Will Come Soft Rains.”

Pamela, the composer-in-residence at Crystal Cove for nearly two years, also created a piece for 2014’s opening of the Berns Environmental Study Loop; sponsored by Crystal Cove Alliance and the Mansour family, the piece was titled “Into the Heart of the Earth.”  For these compositions, as well as others, Pamela takes inspiration from the outdoors.  “I love music and being in the environment, hiking and being in nature,” she explains.

Her site-specific sonic works are a testament to how well music and the environment go hand in hand, citing a musical interpretation of water as a great way to celebrate the substance in the Park.  “Water is found with the same principals of flow,” Pamela says. “When I hear sound, I imagine it as water and when I see water, I imagine it as sound.”

Along with the previews of the three compositions, the World Water Day concert will feature a percussion and winds piece composed by local Girl Scouts working with Pamela and her students, as well as performances by CSUF students and other special guests, including Virginia Figueriodo, clarinetist from Divan Consort, who will be performing Pamela’s new work, “Riverly is the Moon.”

More information about the event can be found by visiting CCA’s website.




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