North Beach News – December 2018

The north beach at Crystal Cove is a buzz of activity!  You may have noticed the new construction fencing or the workers donning yellow vests and hard hats darting around the 17 unrestored cottages. That’s our careful and passionate construction crews that have begun the infrastructure work. 

RockForce Construction from Lake Forest is responsible for overall infrastructure work and Spectra Company from Pomona is overseeing the historic cataloging of our unique seaside cottages.  Working alongside State Parks, these two companies are thrilled to be part of the team to pump life back into the cottages that have sat empty since 2001. 

After meeting a major milestone in the capital campaign budget (a half way point), we decided to proceed with the first part of the restoration – infrastructure and site preparation – which will take 24 months. 

Heavy equipment has begun to arrive and enter the site from the North Beach Road.  A new traffic pattern and pedestrian access walkway has been created to ensure public safety.  Please be mindful of the entrance of the site and the movement of trucks active from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Good news, there will be limited disturbance in the historic district since main access will be from the top of the bluff.

In 2019 we will kick off our fundraising efforts again to secure the remaining $19M needed for three years of historic preservation work on the individual cottages.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on the exciting project!

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