A Night Out with Crystal Cove Conservancy

With the generous support of its donors, Crystal Cove Conservancy aspires to promote and generate ongoing community support and sustainable earned revenue streams to provide educational programs and conservation initiatives for Crystal Cove State Park. Providing historic beach experiences for visitors while cultivating the environmental advocates of the future, ensures that Crystal Cove, and places like it, live on for countless future generations.

We don’t know yet what kind of a gathering we’ll be permitted to host in October. While we continue to plan for that hopeful gathering, we also remain committed that if we aren’t able to gather in person, we will launch a campaign with opportunities to engage in the ways we can. Your support, whether in support of our event or our campaign-in-place-of-an-event, is crucially important to our ability to continue to protect and preserve Crystal Cove State Park and leverage it as a thriving outdoor classroom.

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