Mark your Calendars: #snapshotWATER & #takebackthecanyon

Mark your Calendars: #snapshotWATER & #takebackthecanyon



Through its innovative new educational programs, the Berns Environmental Study Loop will open up new ways to explore and experience Crystal Cove State Park. Upcoming programming immerses visitors in the science of park management, enlisting their help to gather information so that CCA can better understand the dynamic ecosystem in Moro Canyon, thus taking better action to conserve and protect it.

Over the course of the year, along with regular scientific hikes and California State Park programs, there will be a focus on four key months to highlight different aspects of the science that goes into managing a park. The public is invited to join in CCA’s restoration efforts, scientific research and social media campaigns as we join together to solve the scientific mysteries in Moro Canyon.

Jan20141In honor of World Water Day, CCA is dedicating the month of March to capturing an instant in the life of a water drop. Students and afterschool groups partner with scientists to become scientific sensors as they track the movement of water through Moro Canyon in a partnership with UCI researchers. Even the boating community gets their feet wet as high school students are brought to Crystal Cove’s Marine Protected Area to sample the park’s offshore waters and evaluate their health. Water moves through Crystal Cove State Park in so many different ways—the #snapshotWATER social media campaign invites the entire Crystal Cove community to capture clouds, streams, ocean waves and dew drops through photography.

This April, we invite the entire community to get involved in the fight to protect Moro Canyon’s native plants and animals against invasive species, from the plague of mustard brought by Spanish explorers to cannibalistic bullfrogs. The community will join in for this massive campaign, #takebackthecanyon, in which K-12 students, social media groups and local volunteers will remove invasive species, replant with natives and start building Crystal Cove’s very own native seed bank. The month will also see the launch of Crystal Cove’s Corporate Volunteer Program, as businesses are invited to take part in the group effort to reclaim Moro Canyon.

So mark your calendars for these exciting upcoming campaigns and stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved later in the year!

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