Love is in the Beachy Air

When you think about Crystal Cove, the word love will always come up. Love for the cottages, love for the quiet mornings, love for the incredible sunsets, love for the peace and tranquility, and most importantly, love for the one you get to share it with. It’s no secret that Crystal Cove is the place for lovers. From first dates, proposals, weddings and getaways, the Cove has always been a romantic paradise. Today is Valentine’s day, and we want to share some of our Crystal Cove love stories with you.


Holland Espolt writes: It was a Monday night in October of 2014, Ryan stepped over to my table and asked to buy me a drink. I politely declined and continued my conversation with the friend I was with when a few minutes passed by and look who it is, Ryan, charming, handsome and holding a drink for me. I couldn’t say no at that point and accepted. I saw him every single week after that night. We got a dog together, we’ve traveled together, moved in together and then on December 24th, 2017, he took me to Ruth Chris’s and asked if I wanted to go for a stroll on the beach. We hadn’t been to Crystal Cove since our beach date two years prior, but it’s one of my favorite beaches, secluded and gorgeous. As we stood on the sand barefoot and in awe of the beautiful sunset before us, he turned me around, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. This time (unlike the first night we met) I didn’t say no, haha, I didn’t think twice and yelled, “Yes! Of Course!”




Arlo Sorenson writes: Crystal Cove has always been special to us over the last few years, so we picked up her ring that day and decided to have dinner at Crystal Cove. There was a long wait, so while sitting on the picnic tables I looked over at The Beachcomber hostesses and decided it would be perfect, so I went and asked if they would take a picture for me as I proposed.

The rest is history. Crystal Cove will always be an even more special to us.








Kevin Bailey writes:  Lori and I met in Laguna Beach and quickly discovered our love of hiking the trails above Crystal Cove. We fell in love and began planning our life. On May 21, 2016, we married at nearby Crescent Bay Park where we walked every day with our dog, Brewster, and then returned to the Cove’s Cultural Center deck for a sunset dinner party with family and friends. With a local guitar and a clam bake dinner, we watched the sun set and full moon rise as we enjoyed the peace and beauty of our favorite place.

We still walk the beach and hike almost daily. And whenever we pass by “our spot” it requires a quick shared, “I do, forever and always, pinkie swear, amen!” We know we share this spot with many other people but, in our hearts, it’s our place.




Jim and Erin Moloney: Long-time supporters of Crystal Cove, Jim and Erin Moloney held their sunset wedding reception on the upper deck of Cottage #34 with some 80+ close family and friends on May 31, 2014.  Jim and Erin met in Newport Beach, where they attended the same church.  When they were newly engaged, the couple attended the annual Crystal Cove Soiree fundraising event and were the winning bidders for private use of the picturesque Historic Cottage #34 upper deck space.  A perfect romantic venue for their reception!

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