Help Bring Beach Wheelchairs to the Cove!

The Park’s current fleet of specialized wheelchairs has become a common sight on Crystal Cove’s beaches, ensuring that elderly and disabled Cove visitors can experience the sand and surf like everyone else. Crystal Cove Alliance is focusing its 2015 year-end campaign on raising funds to improve accessibility to Crystal Cove State Park. An important element of which will be updating the beach wheelchairs.

The current fleet of five wheelchairs serves 2,500 elderly and disabled visitors annually at the Historic District and the beach in Moro Canyon. For park visitor Joan Burns, availability of the beach wheelchairs made her recent stay in the cottages a terrific experience.

“My husband uses a walker and cane and moving through the sandy pathways is difficult,” she says. “The beach wheelchair gave us the opportunity to get around to see and enjoy the Cove as other (more mobile) folks do!”

The current fleet was purchased in 2012 and is starting to show its age with wear and tear from continual use and exposure to the elements. The addition of five new wheelchairs, which cost nearly $4,000 each, will ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the Park and the Historic District. Funds raised in excess of the cost of the new wheelchairs will be earmarked for accessibility projects like wheelchair maintenance and repair, mobility programs with the Braille Institute, programs for seniors, and increasing accessibility to the Park for diverse and under-resourced populations.

With the holiday season in sight, you can help make more beach wheelchairs available for the public by making a donation today. Donations can be made in any amount and are completely tax-deductible.

Visit CCA’s 2015 Annual Appeal page for more information and donate today! CCA and its elderly and disabled visitors thank you for your support.

Top image: A beach wheelchair enriching the Cove experience for Park visitors


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