Earth Day 2018

The walk from the Los Trancos parking lot towards the Crystal Cove Historic District is always a pleasant one, passing under the shade of trees along the frog-filled creek. But a particularly interesting part of this path is the Los Trancos tunnel and its many murals that decorate all 300 feet. The majority of these were painted during one of our Earth Day events back in 2001. About 200 volunteers, visitors, families, and park staff, all joined together to leave a lasting legacy to future generations on the importance of the commitment to protecting the park we love. They were given carte blanche, and the result is the beautiful tunnel we enjoy today. Since then, millions of visitors have passed through those walls and have been graced with this message, and it remains one of the most special and unique features of our park.

Although every day should be taken advantage of as a day to give back to nature, Earth Day at Crystal Cove is a special opportunity to join hundreds of others to take on projects that otherwise might never be able to get done. This has been a very important event for the renovation and beautification of the park, while also allowing the visitors to give back to a place that has meant so much to them.  Such needed projects have included planting, weeding, mulching, trimming, watering, painting curbs, gates and fences, and making repairs to park infrastructure. It has also included walking the entirety of the beach and picking up trash (which often ends up being several trash bags full). The Historic District in particular underwent a huge beautification project in 2016 in order to restore the landscaping to its original design of its Golden Years, from the mid-30s through the 50s. The plan was designed after research was undertaken by State Park historians, and then implemented on Earth Day by hundreds of volunteers. All of these projects have been a major help to park staff, but are also very rewarding for visitors who can contribute and immediately enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Crystal Cove State Park will be holding its 20th Earth Day anniversary on Saturday, April 21 from 9am-12pm, and all are welcome to join in and lend themselves to keeping Crystal Cove the special place that it is.

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