Drift Away to the Sounds of The Beachcomber Cafe Favorite, Matt Akiona

There are few greater feelings than enjoying delicious food with friends and family.  Unless, of course, you are doing so in Crystal Cove’s scenic beachfront to the soothing sounds of The Beachcomber Café favorite, Matt Akiona.

Originally from the island of Maui, Matt has been serenading the crowds of Crystal Cove for the last five years.  With his signature Hawaiian style infused with contemporary jazz, it’s easy to see why he’s become a destination of his own for locals and visitors alike.

Having been around the ocean for much of his life, he has a special connection with the water.  “It feels like home,” he says.  “I grew up near the water and when I was young my father pointed to the ocean and said that that’s our home.”

Matt performs live every Thursday evening, from 6-9pm on the deck of the Bootlegger Bar.  Next time you’re in the Cove, stop by for a drink, enjoy the ambience and drift away to the sounds of Matt Akiona.

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