A huge thank you to all those that supported us for the 15th Annual Soiree.


We couldn’t have done it without you!


Official Post Soiree Press Release





Title Sponsor



Massen Greene Foundation





Eva and Doug Le Bon





Gardner Grout Foundation




In Honor of Larry B. Porter – Love, Christine





Lori and Harley Bassman



Laura Davick**



Bonnie Gregory and Shirley Quackenbush

The Hexberg Family Foundation




 Keith and Mara Murray




Susan Tate





Tricia and Michael Berns




Paula and Jeff Cole

Jose A. Collazo

Contrarian Group

Diana and Gareth Evans




Michael Ray

Teddie Ray

Fred and Wendy Salter

Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clark Foundation

Laura Tarbox

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation






$3,000 Citizen Science School Program


 Barbara and Greg MacGillivray

Janet and Walkie Ray


$1,500 Crystal Cove Educational Programs


James Caillouette and Gabrielle White


Spencer and Susan Croul


Angela and Ed Grasso

Jody and Craig Johnson

Annette and Bucky Oltmans

Hon. Will and Jenny O’Neill

Christine Pappas and Hugh Bradley


Jill and Larry Tucker



$1,000 Education Support


Tim and Michelle Dean

Paul and Patti Gallagher

Natasha and Todd Palmaer


*In-Kind Sponsor

**Cash & In-Kind Sponsor

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