Crystal Cove Matters


It matters to the thousands of visitors that come every year to enjoy the beaches and form new experiences with their family and friends. It matters to all guests that get to walk back in time while they are cozying up in mid-century cottages built generations before. It matters that their children, their grandchildren, and their children’s children will all be able to experience the same views and same adventures.  It matters to all the underserved schools that experience authentic science and art education right here in the park. It matters to the student that has never been on the coast, on a boat, seen wildlife, or been given the chance to fall in love with Mother Nature in the way every child should.

Crystal Cove matters. You matter. And your membership matters.

Being a member of Crystal Cove Conservancy is not only about showing your support, it’s so much more. People become members because they want to be a part of a community that they believe in. With the support of this beautiful community, we have created the largest outdoor classroom on the California coast and a unique and affordable seaside retreat to renew spirits, connect with the natural world, and engage in conservation work in a frontline laboratory for climate change. Today, the need for our educational programs far outweighs our resources. We depend on support from our local community to ensure the continuity of our innovative STEM programs.

By becoming a member of Crystal Cove Conservancy, not only do you support our important mission of preservation, conservation, and education, but you receive exclusive benefits, such as discounts and invitations to members-only events such as art show openings, whale watching cruises, private receptions, and so much more.

By circling the Cove as its guardians, keepers, defenders and conservators, we can continue our journey to protect Crystal Cove and focus on creating the next generation of leaders who will benefit from our environmental science, marine biology and coastal engineering programs.

Became a member today!

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