Crystal Cove Conservancy proud to announce our new rebranding as Crystal “Cool” Conservancy

NEWPORT COAST—Two years after successfully rebranding to Crystal Cove Conservancy, Crystal Cove State Park’s nonprofit partner revealed new plans on Monday to change to a new, cooler name: Crystal “Cool” Conservancy.

“Our organization has grown tremendously in the past 24 months, so we wanted to have a name that reflected our core values,” said Crystal “Cool” Communications Director Sandy Swell-Shark. “While our focus on preservation, education and conservation are still at the core of our mission, we wanted to make sure our name primarily communicates how popular and definitely not ‘square’ we are.”

The Conservancy’s last rebranding back in 2017, which revealed a new name and logo, was cited as a tremendous success.  It resulted in a significantly larger and more engaged member base for the nonprofit, along with improved name recognition throughout the local community.  Although admitting that going through the process for a second rebranding so soon after the first would require the investment of significant time and resources, Conservancy staff expressed the hope that this newer, “Cooler” look for the organization would “juice the numbers” even more.

“We also want to make sure we are reaching Millennials with our messaging, and from what we understand, they are into ‘cool’ things,” said Swell-Shark.

Alongside the revised name, the company also unveiled a new logo incorporating several hip new fonts and an emoji mascot named “Mr. Cool”.

“Engaging with younger audiences requires speaking their language, so that’s where we got the idea of using a smiley. I’ve even started signing all of my emails with it,” Swell-Shark added. According to organization officials, the name and logo will be released in a social media blitz covering Facebook, Pinterest and Friendster.

At press time, rumors of requiring the recently-renamed Crystal “Cool” Shake Shack to add avocado shakes to its menu were still unconfirmed.



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