Come Celebrate Crystal Cove Alliance’s Sweet 16

ldJoin us this month as we celebrate Crystal Cove Alliance’s 16th birthday! Originally known as the Alliance to Rescue Crystal Cove, CCA was launched in 1999 in an effort to preserve the historic cottages and prevent them from being converted into a luxury resort.

Plans for the new resort along the Crystal Cove shoreline served as the perfect wake up call for Laura Davick, a third generation Coveite and CCA’s Founder and Director of External Affairs.

“I started the Alliance to ultimately preserve Crystal Cove,” she says. “I wanted to raise awareness for what we were about to lose.”

During a 2001 meeting at Lincoln Elementary School, waves of people came out to voice their opposition. It was a shift in the tides as an entire community banded together to stop the development of a luxury resort that would forever change the historic cottages at Crystal Cove.

With the resort essentially halted, the California Coastal Conservancy provided $2 million to terminate the developer’s rights. State Parks then began a public planning process, in which Laura Davick and other environmental stakeholder groups participated in to determine the best plan for Crystal Cove. Through that process, the California State Park and Recreation Commission and the California Coastal Commission approved the Preservation and Public Use Plan (PPUP).

In 2003, the Alliance to Rescue Crystal Cove transitioned into its modern day iteration as Crystal Cove Alliance, shifting its mission from rescue to restoration, education, and conservation. Today, CCA leads the way as a model for what can be achieved through public-private partnerships.

With 29 of the 46 historic cottages already restored, CCA and State Parks are currently working on the permitting plans for the last 17 cottages. Once completed this project will be self sustaining for all future education and conservation initiatives here within the Park.

Then: Laura Davick on her mission to “Save the Cove”

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