The shower has leaks,
The double-bed squeaks,
The blinds allow peeks,
You might think we’re complaining but contrary to say we
spend every day in the sun and at play.
We’re happy it’s not raining.
A $10 dollar room, a bathroom-size-tome, but wave-crashing
boom makes for sleeping sensation.
The state’s creation in this great location fills us with elation.
We’ll be back for another vacation.

– Cottage 19B, CREW’S QUARTERS, September 19, 2006 –

Your cottages are like a sprinkle from heaven on earth.

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, June 8, 2009 –

It’s the hard-to-leave day. We are packed up and sitting now soaking up the sound of the surf and the rain. We always wish we would never have to leave. It’s food though to go back out to the real world with such feelings – to know that a place where such a pleasant lifestyle can thrive does indeed exist. It helps us know how important it is to protect our public lands and how we should carve out our own smaller versions in our homes and work spaces!

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, January 23, 2009 –

Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened!

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, February 3, 2009 –

Pasado un rato muy agradable, esperamos volver con toda la familia. Todas las instalaciones son muy agradables y limpias.

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, November 17, 2009 –

Start with the clear view of Catalina Island, and work your way back across the whitecaps to the shore. Wonder through the tidepools until you find the starfish hiding in the surge at low tide. Wait for the sound of the trumpet to signal raising of the Martini flag.

Order two martinis and drink both, as the sun goes down. Watch your grandkids fall asleep.

Open a bottle of Zin and know if you died tonight, you die happy.

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, January 12, 2007 –

‘Ode to Crystal Cove’

Mere words cannot describe this place. Those of you lucky enough to have had the experience understand.

She calls you to her, and embraces you with her warmth and beauty.

She seduces you with such an ever-changing array of pleasures, you feel a part of her now. A longing to stay and never leave.

It is time, and you must go. A brief sadness overcomes you, but swells to joy at your last look at her.

You have left a part of yourself here, and are taking a part of her with you. You will always remember, she will never let you forget.

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, January 24, 2008 –

…a rustic jewel yet a crystal gem in the sands of time.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, April 2, 2010 –

heaven…heaven is a place…a place where… where am I?

– Cottage 38A, PARADISE LODGE, October 7, 2007 –

Thank you for this day, this place, this moment.
Thank you for the waves, the sun, the sand & sea.
Thank you for the peace, the joy, the freedom.
Thank you for sights, the sounds, the flavors.
Thank you for every hurdle, obstacle & blessing it took to get here.
Thank you from my heart that yearns for you and your presence and finds it so deeply in this place, the ocean.
Thank you for my family, my friends & strangers who shape my life.
Thank you for the sound of the waves that lulled me to sleep & beckoned me to awake.
Thank you for the memories of the past & the promises of the future.
Thank you for the life I will return to and the life I will leave behind.
Thank you for the pain, the joy & the pleasure of life on this earth and for the promises of an eternal life with you.
Thank you for this slice, this whisper of what that eternal bliss will feel like.

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, July 25, 2007 –

We were blessed with the sounds of the sea while we snuggled.

– Cottage 19B, CREW’S QUARTERS, May 22, 2009 –

El Moro and Crystal Cove have always been a favorite of mine – having lived in Newport Beach for over 35 years this view from this particular cottage is breathtaking!”

Not many places along the coast you can wake up to beautiful weather, dolphins, a playful seal and be 40 yards to the water – from your bed – Amazing!

Oh and by the way. . . the visiting mouse is a little ill and lost his voice, he wanted to pass on a message…I loved the Behrs!

– Cottage 19B, CREW’S QUARTERS, December 3, 2009 –

My name is Marty
I am a small, grey mouse.
My family has lived in Crystal Cove since the 1930’s, about the same time the Dive Shack (27) was built. My great grandfather, John, even helped renovate the place by chewing a notch in the bathroom door so it will close without hitting the toilet.

I have never written in the journal until now, but would like to take this opportunity to set some things straight:
1. What’s with humans and brooms? I do not like being swatted at by brooms. If I am unwelcome just say so and I will show myself the door. I’m really pretty shy.
2. About those doors, no need to open them for me, I am small enough to squeeze under them. If you’d like some privacy, just block the gap using the door mats. Otherwise, I will consider myself invited. I don’t respond to the ‘privacy please’ door hanger. That’s just silly. Mice can’t read!
3. If I am invited to dinner, can we get Gina’s pizza? Extra cheese and pineapples please! Ok, thanks.
4. Just to clear things up, In this cottage there are 4 lobsters, not 3. They’re  my buddies. One was caught with a towel labeled “stolen from the The Beachcomber Café and is now behind bars. The rest are scattered about, but although they are all lobsters some look very different from the others. For one you will have to think outside the box.
5. Say hi to my friends Steve, Brady, Tricia, and Shawn. They’re dolphins. They swim by in the mornings, usually inside the floating buoy.
6. Every day at sunset join me in saluting at the raising of the martini flag at the Beachcomber. I do love martinis!
7. I hope you enjoy the Dive Shack as much as I do.

Thanks to Tory, Shirley, Tracy, and Darren for letting me make this journal entry during their stay. They’re good humans. Oh I smell pizza. I must go. Goodbye!

– Marty Mouse

– Cottage 27, THE DIVE SHACK, March 8, 2009 –

Today is my 10th B-day and we are making it the best of them all! Tonight we are going to have Thai food. We just came from the tide pools, it was totally awesome! It is the best B-day I have ever had! The End.

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, January 24, 2009 –

We are miles away, yet we feel an ocean away, paradise for two.
– The Hobbit and the panda.

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, February 16, 2009 –

1 of a kind.
2 great meals.
3 new friends.
4 different rashes.
5 awesome lizards.
6 big fish.
7 beautiful dolphins.
8 hours of sleep.
9 minutes of watching the sunset.
10 hours of nonstop ocean fun.
11 cups of water.
12 minutes of happy hour
13 wipe-outs
14 snacks.
15 great lectures by my grandpa.
16 awesome shells.
17 seagulls.
18 hermit crabs.
19 nice waves.
20 great laughs

Christian age – 10

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, January 24, 2009 –

What a magical place to detach from our hectic fast paced life and re-connect with the sea and all it’s beauty…

So worth the wait of trying for two years to secure a reservation. Can’t wait to come back and share the experience with family. Beautiful memories and blessings here at the cove!!

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, October 5, 2009 –

Crystal Cove is a step back in time. We feel like California time travelers. As seventh generation Californians, we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with our heritage. The cottages have been lovingly restored. We never want to leave. Don’t change a thing; everything is absolutely perfect!

– Cottage 29A/B, LONG BOARD LODGE, January 24, 2009 –

Crystal Cove #16 Sand Castle
Nightly Rate: $ 179.00
Gas to get here: $ 3.21 per gallon

This truly is ‘La Buena Vida’ (The Good Life)

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, April 23-26, 2007 –

Donuts & Dolphins at Cottage #1!

It’s hard to believe this beauty is just waiting off of the highway. A welcome slice of California’s past in its present.

Lovely stay, thank you.

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, March 26th, 2009 –

C harming
R omantic
Y esteryear
S plendid
T antalizing
A lluring
L ovely

C harismatic
O Organic
V ivid
E nergizing”

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, August 18, 2008 –

Crystal Cove is a heavenly slice of true paradise!

Cottage #2 – ‘Shell Shack’ was originally built in 1926 – my husband’s grandfather Lowell Baillie was one of the builders. He was assisted by his brother-in-law Russell Paul. The 1926 original beach cottage was used by the Paull & Baillie Family until the 1930’s. May all who stay in the Shell Shack cottage enjoy this very special place.

Jeff & Kay Baillie.

– Cottage 2, SHELL SHACK, March 11 – 14th, 2008 –

“My Crystal Cove” by Hannah (age 9)

I came back to the cove that the footprints washed away as I walked through the damp, cold and blue waters.

The waves crashed and flooded the silky sands touching my toes and ankles. There, right there, was where I wanted to be.

The salt water smells filled the sky while the seagulls came flying by. My eyes turn all directions as colorful shells crowded the beach.

The beach spread miles across the land as the waters changed to low tide. The earth turned slowly when the sun’s amber skies ruled the air.

I knew the stars would shine that night. The whole glistening night make me roam my most treasured thoughts. Then, the coast’s crackling music pulled me to slumber.

– Cottage unknown, August, 2006 –

Roses are red
Sea shells are beige
My love for this place
can’t be expressed on this page

– Cottage 2, SHELL SHACK, April 11 & 12th, 2008 –


The romantic Valentine’s Day stay in the Soda Shack… that wasn’t.

Nothing like going through a break-up three days before Valentine’s Day. So a single dude all alone in the Soda Shack on this special romantic day with only his thoughts, some music and a few books.

You know, given the circumstances, I can’t think of Anywhere I’d rather be!

– Cottage 45, SODA SHACK, February 14, 2012 –

The sea at Crystal Cove

Ever changing, never changing
Bound yet endless
Frightful yet delightful
Desolate on the surface yet bountiful underneath
Always rushing but never getting anywhere
A symbol of both tranquility and havoc

– Cottage 45, SODA SHACK, May 1, 2012 –

Our family’s first time here at Crystal Cove. Beautiful beach, timeless architecture and styles, frozen in time.

Years ago, such a small cottage is all a family needed for love and happiness. Now, we are so addicted to our McMansions, our fancy cars and brand named stuff.

Which makes me wonder what our family’s pursuit of Happiness is based on. Hummmm.

– Cottage 45, SODA SHACK, August 6, 2012 –

Dolphin parade 8:15 daily.
Whales in the afternoon… awfully close to the rocks, I wonder if they ever jump into them – it would be quite a shock, I imagine. Starfish convention at low tide. Piles of them big as hats, Then a smattering of loners. Are they on their way to the rest of the groups, or have they left in a huff? About what would a starfish have to fight?

I had a moment with a seal, he paused inside the wave line and we made eye contact. I stood as deep in the water as I could go… he was as close as the waves would allow. “I wish I was you…” we both seemed to agree.

– Cottage 45, SODA SHACK, August 11, 2012 –

Lazy, lovely, hot and humid highlights:
˜ dolphin sightings
˜ mornings & evenings beach walks
˜ warm 70 degree sea swims
˜ no tv or internet
˜ kids in the bunkbeds, readin to them by flashlight
˜ lemon-ricotta pancakes @ Beachcomber Café
˜ that hour right around sunset
˜ beachcombing for sea glass
˜ reliving memories of other family trips here

This is truly an amazing place – so rare and fascinating to see what was saved from the developers. They really got it right with what they did here.

Xoxo, Crystal Cove!

– Cottage 37, FISHERMAN’S PERCH, August 20-24, 2012 –

Three days in Fisherman’s Perch – – what a gift!
Time with family and friends at Crystal Cove – it’s magical.

The withdrawal from electronics is painful for the teenagers, but given a little space and time, they come around and engage in the simple joys the cove offers.

In departing, we resolve to take a bit of our chilled-out attitude with us. For us, Crystal Cove is not just a destination or a dot on a map, but also a state of mind.

Until next time, happiness to all who visit this cottage!

– Cottage 37, FISHERMAN’S PERCH, November 12, 2012 –

I left my heart in Crystal Cove Y

– Cottage 27, DIVE SHACK, March 30, 2012 –

What a treat!

This was our first time staying at Crystal Cove, and it exceeded our very high expectations. Kudos to the Crystal Cove Alliance and the State of CA for restoring, preserving and operating this gem.

– Cottage 27, DIVE SHACK, August 27, 2012 –

Absolutely magical!

– Cottage 24, RUSTIC LOFT, January 30, 2012 –

It is a tapestry of surf, sand and wonder.
Crystal Cove is a diamond – in the rough – to ponder…
Dreams and schemes – are set in motion
Where fantasy is fulfilled and ecstasy experienced, all
At the majesty of the ocean

– Cottage 24, RUSTIC LOFT, March 4, 2012 –

Tip: Leave your phone in your cottage; eat when your hungry;
nap when you choose; and, lose track of real time in escaping
from our fast-paced world.

– Cottage 29B, LONG BOARD LODGE, January 30, 2012 –

Lovely stay, delicious coffee from the office. This is a great way
To unwind from technology – NO TV, NO COMPUTER – LOVE IT!
After two days I’m beginning to feel myself again.
Thank you Crystal Cove ☼

– Cottage 40, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, November 13, 2012 –

Crystal Cove is a magical place that bridges any gaps of separation. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from you’re destined to leave this place a better person.

Thank you Crystal Cove for the memories and stories I now have to share when I reach my ‘remember when’ days.

– Cottage 1, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, December 8, 2012 –

I will love you in times of sunshine and in time of rain…

Those are the words we spoke to each other, as part of our vows, at Saint Vincent’s Church in Los Angeles on March 11, 1972.

Forty years of marriage today! How thrilled we are to have had the gift of love and each other or so many years.

Cottage 14 and this great cove by the sea… you will always be part Of it – Thanks for the wonderful sunny two days of love & reflection.

– Cottage 14, SOUTH BEACH SUITE, March 11-12, 2012 –

14 Ways to Express Love at Crystal Cove

1. A cottage by the sea a place for you & me…
2. A time to reflect this chance to recollect.
3. A fleeting gaze at the beach, this could be a final chance…to reach.
4. Moving through the surf a dolphin…a whale, on the beach a running male.
5. Time itself can stop at Crystal Cove, one finds much peace in each abode.
6. Tide pools express life big and small, similar to a microcosm of life, like shopping at a mall.
7. The choices here are many too numerous to mention, to experience life at Crystal Cove is an honorable mention.
8. Perchance to look at the sky, what secrets does it hold? when at the cove all of life is BOLD!
9. Chaos, expectancy; confusing elements not here, for at Crystal Cove there are no fears.
10. There is a woman – running – no make-up; a sandpiper following on the sand. She seizes life, her future is in her hand.
11. Can this place be a haven – a sanctuary? Yes it is an environment where one can tarry.
12. Sand between the toes, this life at the cove in repose.
13. Cottage 14 has returned to splendor a home renewed, Cottage 14 a home with a view…
14. Fourteen thoughts and reflections have brought me here. I will return to the cove, a Crystal HEART so near.

– Cottage 14, SOUTH BEACH SUITE, March 13-14, 2012 –

My now husband and I got married in this Cottage 14 yesterday.
Even though we had rain the day still turned out beautiful.
This is truly a magical place.

– Cottage 14, SOUTH BEACH SUITE, October 21, 2012 –

Our micro Thanksgiving was five-star, truly Michelin quality.
We toasted the poor sap who’s somewhere east shoveling three
feet of snow from his driveway.

Barefoot & tequila-free we say farewell. Until next time,
Crystal Cove…thanks for reminding us that “we are the music
makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

– Cottage 40, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, November 22, 2012 –

There’s nothing better than a banana and a sunset here!

Chris, 3 ½ years old

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, January 27-28, 2012 –

Check in, unpack & pop the champagne !

Back in #33, great seeing our crows & ravens, this time they
even brought the babies ! (feed me ! feed me !)

This visit begins our 5th year of coming to the cottages, 33 is our
Favorite because we already are use to all the squeaks in the
pink floors & the creaks in the doors…

Stayed up till 3am (Saturday night after all).
Watched some Housewives of Orange County we taped for
The portable tv we bring with built in a built-in VCR (when that
thing breaks we’ll have to start reading those vintage books &
play cards. Please, no!)

Good night. See you in a few hours. Zzzzzzz

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, June 30, 2012 –

Highly suggest the Oreo shake at the Shake Shack, yummy!

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, November 22, 2012 –

Truly heaven on earth – peaceful and tranquil.

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, March 7, 2012 –

What a beautiful placid place and walk back in time.
We never want to leave.
The weather is wonderful and old time feel is simply divine.

– Cottage 19A, SOUTH SEA SHANTY, May 7, 2012 –

The Larson ladies return to our beloved Cottage 1 for another special getaway. Thank you to the Alliance for enabling us to enjoy this spectacular opportunity.

We began each morning with our dolphin watch as we relaxed on our beach front patio. Our nighttime was filled with games and lots of laughter before we retired to the crash of the pounding surf.

Oh yeah . . . we absolutely love this magical getaway !

Ethel, Karen, Lauri and Teri

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, June 17-18, 2013 –

The Roth family is back for their 6th year stay at #1 Beach Pad – this is the BEST ADA handicapped cottage of all!!

We travel all the way from Illinois to partake of this wonderful beach setting – nothing like this in the Midwest! We are always wondering where the sea gulls go at night – lucky are the people who share this setting. Galena, IL

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, January 6, 2013 –

I dreamed of an ocean of azure blue,
and did out the window I did view.

Twenty whales all in a row with a monkey on water skis in tow.

He carried a giant pink beach umbrella – really he was a most
happy fella.

Dolphins jumped on each side, with big smiles they could not hide.

One was dressed all in green and the other all in blue – that was
the dream out the window I did view.

May you view your dreams too!

Terry & Mary
San Diego CA

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, May 8-10, 2013 –

By the sea, by the sea.

By the beautiful sea, you and me.

Oh how happy we’ll be!

The Jordan Family

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, May 6, 2013 –

Kirk and I began our day in love and prayer to the sounds of crashing waves and errant sea birds. I am over come by the idyllic retreat that is Crystal Cove. A romantic gem, tucke away in the hillside just an hour from our home, yet it feels like we’ve been here before.

Drink in the beauty, celebrate the quaintness, embrace the ambiance of cottage 40 and it’s surroundings.


– Cottage 40, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, January 29, 2013 –

#40 defines happiness
Checking out sucks!

Tonight ‘The Stones’ @ Staples – Life is good

Charles 74, Mavis 76 = total of 150 yrs

See ya again soon x ooo


– Cottage 40, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, May 20, 2013 –

Muchos amigos y festivos en la casa de la playa.
Mejor bonita en el mundo.
El primer dia del primervera tambien.
Vistas fantasticas.

Hasta luego Crystal Cove

– Cottage 37, FISHERMAN’S PERCH, March 22, 2013 –

“ . . and I think to myself, what a wonderful world . . “

– Cottage 2, SHELL SHACK, March 7, 2013 –

Muchos amigos y festivos en la casa de la playa.
Mejor bonita en el mundo.
El primer dia del primervera tambien.
Vistas fantasticas.

Hasta luego Crystal Cove

– Cottage 37, FISHERMAN’S PERCH, March 22, 2013 –

I dreamed of an ocean of azure blue
and then out the window I did view.
Twenty whales all in a row
with a monkey on water skis in tow.
He carried a giant pink beach umbrella
really he was a most happy fella.
Dolphins jumped on each side
with big smiles they could not hide.
One was dressed all in green and the other all in blue
was the dream out the window I did view.

May you view your dreams too!

Terry & Mary
San Diego, CA

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, May 8-10, 2013 –

“By the sea
by the sea
By the beautiful sea
You and me
you and me
Oh how happy we’ll be”

The Jordan Family

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, May, 2013 –

Blue skies smiling at me,
only blue skies do I see . .

Rebecca Wilk
Simi Valley, CA

– Cottage 38, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, February 1, 2013 –

Our ‘Toast’ to Crystal Cove –

May your seaglass always sparkle
May your waves always crash
May your sunsets always dazzle
May your friendships ever last.

Katsea, Nansea, Maresea

– Cottage 38, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, March 7, 2013 –

We love this cozy unpretentious beach.
Usually we rent an individual cottage, but since we spend most of
our time outside, tried the dorm-style.
It was nice meeting other fans of the cove, and so nice to see the
plaque by the door dedicating this cottage to Peter Douglas of the
California Coastal Commission.


– Cottage 38, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, July 25, 2013 –

Ode to Crystal Cove –

Waves crash, curl & churn
Birds dive, soar, cry
Surfers paddle, teeter, ride
In a vintage beach cottage
above it all we watch
mesmerized by the perfect
beauty of Crystal Cove


– Cottage 38, LONG BOARD LODGE, January 31, 2013 –

Gentle rumble as waves tumble,
back to a welcoming shore.
Constant, soothing is the sound.
A gracious peace I have found.

Thank-you Lord for this day,
in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


– Cottage 29, LONG BOARD LODGE, March 18, 2013 –

Dolphins, sand-dabs, crabs, pelicans, sea gulls, osprey, rabbits, lizards, crows, hawks, even mermaids. Magical Crystal Cove has something for everyone.

Two nights of much appreciated rest and relaxation.

Remember to salute the flag (you’ll figure it out) even if it’s not 5 pm. Sincere thanks fo all those with vision and fortitude who save this wonderful collection of cottages. Because of the history behind it, when I salute the flag, I’m saluting you, too.

D & L

– Cottage 32, PAINTER’S COTTAGE, June 2-3, 2013 –


She danced into my heart like it was meant to be, so easy, smooth and sure as if there was no question, hesitancy or doubt. Harbored inside me so naturally there was no thought I would, nor could, nor ever believe she would find a way out.

So with her inside me nestled close to my heart, two have become one…and I believe, and then some.

As body and soul pass from this earth and beyond, such love has become immortal and in this state it lasts and maybe, just maybe could grow even greater still.

So be reminded when you look at the stars in the sky my love for her…like these distant shining shimmering lights, will always be there forever constantly shining long after we are gone.

And just like these stars, my love for Beverly will forever stay in place and grow stronger still, remaining immortal regardless of the passage of time and space.

To Beverly, from Bill

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, March 27, 2013 –

Cottage 18 – RULES

• Relax – Eat – Play
• Read good books (Kindle ok)
• Keep sand outside
• Leave worries behind
• Take walks holding hands
• Nap daily
• Be grateful for the day
• Breathe in the ocean
• Drink the wild air
• Bathe in the sunset glow


Returning to an “old friend” Cottage 18 was our first experience of the MAGIC of Crystal Cove.

She’s a little worn around the edges, but still our dear old girl.

Sunsets and crashing surf, low flying helicopters feels like a second home…

Nancy & Paul Pratt

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, May 16-18, 2014 –

Beaches are forever.
Buildings are for generations.
We are but a breath of time.
Little we leave behind.

Remember these good times while they last.
Cherish them in your heart – especially the one you share them with.

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, September 22, 2014 –

What does one do when the only place in the world that makes everything alright stops working. What do I do?

I’ll try to find the answer next time, it’s the only times I have to try and find the strength to find happiness.

Almost 7 years of coming to Cottage 33 it never changes, just we do.

In retrospect: By the 3rd day, the cove had begun to work magic – well played, Crystal Cove, well played.

See you next year. Springtime. New beginnings.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, December 7-8, 2014 –

From the Ritz Carlton to the St. Regis, and now Creekside Studio #40 oh so very nice. Live it, loved it!

Katherine Curtis

Life is good in so so many ways!

– Cottage 40, CREEKSIDE STUDIO, October 18, 2014 –

Ahhhh, just breathe in the wonder of God’s handiwork, ahhhh

– Cottage 18, SUNSET BUNGALOW, May 16-18, 2015 –

When you don’t have expectations, you can never be disappointed.

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, July 20, 2015 –

Advice From The Ocean:

Be shore of yourself
Come out of your shell
Take time to coast
Avoid pier pressure
Sea life’s beauty
Don’t get tide down
Make waves!

At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour,
but mood to moment.

We live by the currents, plan by
the tides and follow the sun.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, January 31, 2015 –

Through droughts and deaths and heartbreaks of sorrow

A friendship in hand is hard to follow

And the one that is ours has shone through dark hours

Twisted, tarnished but barely hollowed

Now we ponder in the twilight hour

Of friendships that last into tomorrow

– Cottage 16, SAND CASTLE, July 20, 2015 –

~ St Patrick’s Day – Our Wedding Day ~

We took a chance & showed up this am to see if the “luck of the
Irish” was with us; we were sweetly surprised to find an available
cottage – #1 Beach Pad.

Even though it was only one evening; we feel so lucky to have
been able to enjoy this amazing place. We will try our luck again
& see if we once again can spend a night listening to one of
nature’s greatest gifts, the sea.

Immensely grateful.

R & T Covert

Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, March 17, 2015 –

I’m here in this lonely shack all by myself. No one to eat with,
no one to talk to, no one but the happy little ghost named Wilbur.

He has been living here since 1928. He was a fisherman that
was lost at sea. He washed up here at Crystal Cove and slivered
his way up the beach to this beach shack and moved in.

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, November 27, 2015 –

Super south swell.
Sunset surprise.
Sharing is caring in this seaside bungalow.
Did you see the Green Flash?

– Cottage 1, BEACH PAD, September 6, 2015 –

Santa is very smart, he knew I was no longer in New Hampshire
but here to enjoy Cottage 19A!

What a great way to spend Christmas enjoying the sound of
waves as a tranquil lullaby.

Onward now to Northern California with mountains and snow.

Luck to those to follow us here. You will enjoy each moment.

– Cottage 1, SOUTH SEA SHANTY, December 25, 2015 –

What a magical place to detach from our hectic fast-paced life and
re-connect with the sea and all its beauty!

– Cottage 29A/B , LONG BOARD LODGE, 2009 –

The withdrawal from electronics is painful for teenagers, but given a
little space and time, they come around and engage in the simple joys
the cove offers.

– Cottage 37, FISHERMAN’S PERCH, 2012 –

At the beach, life is different. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, 2015 –

I celebrated my birthday here last night.

Good friends – Good food!

I always enjoy the peace I feel when I’m here at Crystal Cove
UNPLUGGED!! It’s a healthy break from the pettiness and constant
barrage of garbage available to us via technology, media + politics.

It’s simple here:

NO TV – but you have the ocean’s greatest hits.
NO escalators – but endless sand-cushioned steps.
NO sharp knife to cut your hard crusted bread – but food tastes better kissed by sea salt.

It’s amazing how much room there is for gratitude once you let go of the distractions.

The world is NOT perfect – it’s not meant to be perfect.

It’s ok to get comfortable being uncomfortable. (US Navy Seals saying)

Live and let live – especially if you don’t agree.

I would like to experience each day with genuine gratitude.

That’s how I can make the world a better place.


– Cottage 2 , SHELL SHACK, 2017 –

Dear Cabin [Cottage]

This was the best part of my life.
I loved it so much when I woke up it make me feel so happy.
I also got to skip school. I loved this cabin so much I can’t put it
in words. Love, a guest.

– Cottage 32, PAINTER’S COTTAGE, 2017 –

Stormy weather! Nice to relive my childhood here @ Crystal Cove!
I was here from 1953-1963. We had a cabin-tent all summer long.
It was unbelievably wonderful. We were so fortunate to have those
years! This was great, a reminder of what we once had.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, February 19, 2017 –

Avocado toast, Soda Shack, family together, lovely holiday.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, February 19, 2017 –

The sand may brush off.
The salt may wash away.
The tans may fade.
But the memories will last forever.

– Cottage 38D, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, August 1, 2017 –

Always love making it here; and, love making here 🙂

– Cottage 38, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, September, 2017 –

No dogs! No cats! No chores!
Just beach. And, lucky mice who get to live here every day! . .
until someone murders them.

– Cottage 38, BEACHCOMBER’S LODGE, November 19, 2017 –

Above all else we must hold clearly before our minds our ideals for for the mental and spiritual development of the village life. We do not want commercialism to become the dominant idea – let industry and finance find other fields of activity and let this [Crystal Cove] be a place of beauty dedicated to the fostering of the various arts, painting, literature, music.

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, January, 2017 –

B. e s t
E. s c a p e
A. n y o n e
C. a n
H. a v e

– Cottage 33, ROMANTIC RETREAT, 2017 –

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