“Back to the Beach”

“Back to the Beach”



Dig your toback to the beaches into the sand back to the beach 2this September as you dine and dance the night away in support of Crystal Cove. After three years of celebrating conservation, education and restoration efforts at the cove from up on the bluff, CCA is bringing its gala “Back to the Beach.” Many may not know the story behind the move that took the popular annual event high above the shore—and, fittingly, the reason has much to do with the natural rhythm of the coast that CCA strives to protect.

Ten days before the Prohibition-themed gala in 2010, a south swell knocked away 3 to 4 feet of sand from the shore. With this significant piece of beach lost, it was unclear if the gala could continue on its original course. The decision was finally made to move forward on the beach, but it seemed fate was against gala organizers. Just five days before the event, a mass of giant squid beached themselves, rendering the gala space unusable. The festivities moved to the bluff-top, where they were held for three consecutive years.

For this year’s celebration, however, CCA is returning to the beach to bring supporters up close to the beauty of the Historic District and its coastline. Title sponsor The Resort at Pelican Hill and its executive chef Jean-Pierre Dubray are planning a sumptuous dinner, with Montage Laguna Beach preparing tasty appetizers. CCA’s exclusive watch and jewelry sponsor, Tourbillon Boutique and Omega, will be featured in a live auction.

But as CCA President and CEO Harry Helling jokingly warns, we must take “back to the beach with a grain of sand.” As natural ecosystems, beaches transform daily; sand moves with every sweep of the waves, climate changes bring new forms of marine life; and burrowing animals change the contours of the landscape. Crystal Cove’s beach is never the same twice (and, thus, neither is the gala!), something that supporters won’t take for granted this year as they sink their toes into the sand. Get a table together to have a great beach party, dance to the Beach Toys, bring your friends, provide an auction item or advertise your business in the event program—for more information about the 12th annual CCA gala, please visit crystalcovealliance.org/gala.

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