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Tide goes in, tide goes out. We can explain that.

Nov 15, 2017

  At any given location, the sea level rises and falls twice each day as the moon orbits the earth, pulling the world’s oceans along with it.  But not all tides are created equally. When the sun, moon, and earth align with the shortest distance between them, the increased gravitational pull on the ocean causes […]

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The backbone of the beach cottages

Jul 14, 2017

To most visitors of Crystal Cove, it is the cottages that leave the first and most lasting impression, usually inspiring the question, “How do I rent one of these?”  A stay in one of these cottages is an experience unlike any other, as guests walk back in time and immerse themselves into the rich history […]

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Crystal Cove Matters

Jun 7, 2017

  It matters to the thousands of visitors that come every year to enjoy the beaches and form new experiences with their family and friends. It matters to all guests that get to walk back in time while they are cozying up in mid-century cottages built generations before. It matters that their children, their grandchildren, […]

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In the News

Apr 1, 2017

The approval by the California Coastal Commission to renovate the 17 remaining cottages on North Beach at Crystal Cove State Park, generated a lot of media.  Click the images below for some of our favorite stories.             

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Treasured Memories

Feb 1, 2017

Jim and Mayu McKenzie fell in love with Crystal Cove years ago, and spent many nights in the historic beach cottages with their children. When Jim passed away unexpectedly last year, his family asked that donations be sent to Crystal Cove Alliance in lieu of flowers. Every time a donation came it, our team would […]

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Back to School at Crystal Cove State Park

Oct 1, 2016

It’s that time of year again!  With local schools now in full swing, Crystal Cove Alliance’s K-12 educational programs will become a common sight in the Park again this month, immersing students in the practice of conservation and inspiring them to become the environmental stewards of tomorrow. CCA’s school programs are expected to continue their […]

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The Blues are Back!

Jul 1, 2016

As thousands of vacationers flock to Crystal Cove’s beaches for the summer, a group of much larger visitors arrives in our waters as well. Blue whales, the largest animals to have ever existed, are a common sight during the summer months in California. These giants can grow up to 100 feet in length, and can […]

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Summer Fun at the Cove

Jun 1, 2016

Don’t let June Gloom get you down this month!  Even if the skies are still gray overhead, summer is already starting in Crystal Cove State Park’s Historic District. The Great Plein Air Art Experience has long been a summer favorite of art-loving visitors to the Cove.  Starting on Tuesday, June 14, CCA is offering five […]

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